Education and Research CG

This group supports international exchanges of knowledge and gives assistance to host workshops, practical training programs of laboratory experiments, and seminars through the three programs described below.

Organizing scientific and educational meetings of planetary science (workshops, schools, and training programs)

Center for Planetary Science (CPS) calls for proposals to organize workshops, schools, and training programs under the conditions mentioned below. The successful projects are expected to proceed in cooperation with CPS.

A call for applications remains open throughout the year.

Contact: Education and Research CG, CPS, inquiries[at]

Past Activities (accepted meetings)

CPS Seminar

The research presentation seminar by the domestic and foreign researcher engaged in various fields is held weekly. You can join the seminar through video conference systems, and the CPS seminars are recorded, archived, and published online through the digital archive MOSIR Project, see below).

[Upcoming and Past schedule]

Digital archive on planetary sciences(MOSIR Project)

A digital archive of non-text and/or literature materials namely a digital library on planetary science. Those suitable materials, movies and documents are collected through recording the weekly CPS seminars, various workshops etc. CPS attempts to give opportunities for participants’ review and non-participants’ studies, and to contribute to the inter-university and the international education. It also helps us to develop activities that overlook the origin, revolution and diversity of planetary systems as a whole. Access to

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