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The huge amount of recent observational results about trans-Neptunian objects (TNOs) in our solar system and about extrasolar planets require and allow for the first time profound systematic studies in planetary science. The Center for Planetary Science - CPS - will contribute to advanced interdisciplinary studies related to planetary science and will provide young scientists with the opportunity to conduct cutting edge research. The Center for Planetary Science is intended to steadily promote planetary research during the coming years.

Promoting research:
  1. Carry out observational studies of extrasolar planets to improve models of planet formation
  2. Study primordial materials and the formation of planetary objects through laboratory analysis and laboratory experiments
  3. Carry out theoretical studies on planet formation and on the diversity of planets to develop a new scenario of planet evolution
  4. Develop general circulation models for planetary atmospheres in order to study the diversity of planets

Promoting Education:
  1. Organize Kobe International School of Planetary Sciences for education of young researchers and graduate students
  2. Conduct international exchange programs with cooperative research institutions
  3. Promote planetary research through conferences, seminars and public websites

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