Seminar: CPS Seminar
date: 2023 February 7 (Tue)15:00-17:00
Room: CPS Conference Room and Online (Hybrid meeting)
Speaker: HYODO Ryuki(Institute of Space and Astronautical Science, Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency)
Title: "Asteroid & Outer Solar System Explorations x Planet Formation Theory"
Abstract: Two stories. One is asteroid exploration. The other is the outer solar system exploration. Regarding asteroid exploration, I discuss the top-shaped asteroids that have been the targets of the world's space agencies in recent years (Hayabusa 2, OSIRIS-REx, DART, Hera, etc.). Understanding the shape evolution and satellite formation processes of top-shaped asteroids (rubble pile!?) can be one of the stepping stones that tell us about the planet formation process, and is also important for planetary defense, as it is directly related to the orbital evolution of asteroids. As for the outer solar system exploration, after clarifying the significance and value of Saturn's rings from a planetary science point of view, I discuss what exploration should be done next after NASA's Cassini mission.
Keywords: top-shaped asteroids, rubble-pile asteroids, planetary defense, Saturn's rings, outer solar system explorations
Organizer: MAKINO Junichiro