Seminar: CPS/WTK Seminar
date: 2020 June 25 (Thu) 13:00 - 15:00
Room: Online seminar (Zoom + Video conference system)
Speaker: Hiroaki Saito (Researcher, Planetary and Space Group, Department of Cosmosciences, Graduate School of Science, Hokkaido University)
Title: Identification of the observed infrasound signals generated by the explosive eruption by the ray-tracing method
Abstract: On March 10, 2018, Mt. Shinmoedake, located in southern Kyushu, erupted explosively. We detected several signals of infrasound with time delays at the same station installed in Kochi Prefecture located at a distance of 200-350 km away from Mt. Shinmoedake. This result suggests that not only the waves propagating horizontally near the surface (direct waves) but also the waves turning at a certain altitude and then arriving at the surface. To confirm this observation, we carried out a 3-dimensional ray-tracing calculation with wind fields. In this presentation, we compare the results of calculations with the observed signals to identify the observed signals. We also would like to discuss the condition of the turning rays.
Keywords: infrasound, eruption, ray tracing
Organizer: Yoshiyuki Takahashi