Seminar: CPS Seminar
date: 2017 September 6 (Wed) 17:00-
room: Kobe University Rokko Campus The 3rd Building for Research of Science and Technology ,620 room
speaker: Nagayoshi Ohashi(Visiting Professor, Department of Planetology/ Professor, Subaru Telescope,NAOJ )
organizer: Kenji Ohtsuki
title: Measuring the mass of protostars
abstract: To studies on star formation processes, the mass of protostars is one of the key parameter. Because protostars are deeply embedded into dense cores, it is usually quite difficult for us to measure masses of protostars based on H-R diagrams, which are often used to measure masses of stars optically visible. On the other hand, protostars are considered to be associated with Keplerian disks, providing us with a promising method to measure dynamical masses of protostars. Although it has been difficult to unambiguously identify Keplerian disks around protostars, recent high angular and sensitivity observations have allowed us to detect Keplerian disks around protostars and to measure masses of protostars. In my talk I will review previous observations demonstrating difficulty in identifying Keplerian disks around protostars as well as recent observations successfully identifying them. I will discuss what has been newly revealed on star formation with measuring masses of protostars.
keywords: star formation, mass of protostars, Keplerian disks