date: 2012 December 26 (Wed) 15:00-16:30
room: Hokkaido University, Science Bldg. #8, Cosmo-studio
speaker: Shunichi Kamata (The University of Tokyo)
organizer: Kiyoshi Kuramoto
title: The long-term deformation of the Moon inferred from Kaguya geodetic data and implications for its thermal evolution
abstract: In geologically long timescales, lunar large-scale topographies deform viscoelastically, and the thermal state strongly controls such deformations. In this study, we conduct (1) crustal structure analyses using Kaguya geodetic data and (2) long-term viscoelastic deformation calculations under a wide variety of conditions and investigate the early thermal evolution of the Moon. Our results suggest that deformations of large-scale topographies reflect proccesses that may have took place in the very early Moon, such as the magma ocean solidification and mantle overturn.
keywords: Moon, Thermal Evolution, Impact Basin, Mare Volcanism, Mantle Overturn