date: 2014 June 30 (Mon) 13:20--29(Tue)14:00
room: CPS Conference Room
speaker: Tabito Hara ( Numerical Prediction Division, Japan Meteorological Agency )
organizer: Takahiro Iwayama
title: Intense course of lectures
abstract: The major target of this lecture series is, by the use of vivid examples from the real weather prediction system developed and operated by Japan Meteorological Agency, to learn basic science and technology embedded under numerical weather prediction, especially those basics of its physical processes. Following the present status and the problems to overcome about numerical weather prediction systems, participants are expected to be motivated to step further into their own consideration about possible roles of atmospheric science on the related issues.
1. Numerical weather prediction system
 1.1 Data assimilation and observational data to be assimilated
 1.2 Numerical prediction model
 1.3 Predictability of numerical forcast
 1.4 Applications of numerical predictions
2. Basics of physical processes
 2.1 What is physical processes
 2.2 Roles of physical processes
 2.3 Classification of physical processes
 2.4 Resolution dependence of Physical processes and its reason
 2.5 Brief description of physical processes (boundary layer(including ground surface), convection, radiation, cloud physics, convection in high resolution models)
 2.6 Development method of physical processes
keywords: numerical weather prediction, dynamical processes, physical processes, data assimilation