Seminar: CPS Seminar
date: 2023 September 12 (Tue)16:00-18:00
Room: Graduate School of Science,Kobe University and Online (Hybrid meeting)
Speaker: OKUZUMI Satoshi(Associate Professor,School of Science, Tokyo Institute of Technology)
Title: "Coupled evolution of solids and thermal structure in planet-forming disks"
Abstract: The thermal structure of protoplanetary disks determines when and where planets of different compositions form. However, the thermal structure of these disks is poorly understood because (1) processes of internal heating deep inside the disks are uncertain and (2) the cooling efficiency of the disks is influenced by small dust grains and varies as the grains grow into larger solid bodies. In magnetohydrodynamically evolving disks, dust also controls disk heating as the grains regulate the disks' electric conductivity by capturing plasmas in the gas. All these factors imply that the temperature structure of the disks evolves as planet formation (dust evolution) progresses. In this talk, I will discuss our recent efforts to model the coupled evolution of dust and the thermal structure of protoplanetary disks. Specifically, I will highlight the impacts of the coupled evolution on (1) the gas and dust distribution at the border of the so-called "dead zone" and (2) the evolution of the snow line. I also discuss future observational tests of the theory of protoplanetary disk thermal evolution.
Keywords: Protoplanetary disks, planet formation
Organizer: SAITOH Takayuki