Seminar: CPS/WTK Seminar
date: 2020 June 22 (Mon) 15:00 - 17:00
Room: Online seminar (Zoom + Video conference system)
Speaker: Yuichi Ito (Research Fellow, University College London)
Title: H2O2-induced Greenhouse Warming on Oxidized Early Mars
Abstract: Here, we propose that H2O2 could have been the gas responsible for warming the surface of the oxidized early Mars (Ito et al., 2020). Mars explorations reported the detection of the high Mn-oxides abundances of Martian rocks in Gale Crater, where preserves the past martian surface environment during 3-4 Ga. This observation suggests that both liquid water and a highly oxidized atmosphere existed on early Mars. However, no previous atmospheric models have shown that highly oxidized atmosphere can warm the mean surface temperature of early Mars above 273 K. Our one-dimensional atmospheric model shows that only 1 ppm of H2O2 is enough to warm the planetary surface because of its strong absorption at far-infrared wavelengths. Finally, I will discuss what kind of environments potentially have the H2O2.
Keywords: early Mars, hydrogen peroxide, greenhouse effect
Organizer: Yoshiyuki Takahashi