Seminar: CPS Seminar/Department of Physics Seminar
date: 2019 January 18 (Fri) 15:30-
room: Kobe University Rokko Campus The 3rd Building for Research of Science and Technology ,125 room

speaker: Teruaki Enoto(Kyoto University, program-specific associate professor)
title: High Energy Atmospheric Physics discovered by Lightning Discharge
abstract: High-energy atmospheric phenomena have been recently discovered from lightning and thunderstorms. Our team started gamma-ray mapping observations for winter thunderstorms and lighting discharges in the costal area along Japan Sea. In 2017, we discovered atmospheric photonuclear reactions triggered by lightning (Enoto et al., Nature 2017). I will introduce the science of this new field, “high-energy atmospheric physics”, and our prospects in the next decade.
keywords: high-energy atmospheric physics, thunderstorms and lighting discharges

Co-host: Department of Physics, Center for Planetary Science
organizer: Munetaka Ueno