※※ Due to the earthquake, this seminar was cancel. ※※

Seminar: CPS Seminar
date: 2018 June 18 (Mon) 16:00-
room: CPS Conference Room

speaker: Satoki Tsujino (Researcher, Institute for Space-Earth Environmental Research, Nagoya University)
title: Maintenance mechanisms of long-lived concentric eyewalls in tropical cyclones
abstract: A tropical cyclone (TC) in its mature stage has a clear region called "eye" at the storm center. The eye is encircled by a ring of cumulonimbus called "eyewall". Intense rain and severe wind occur in the eyewall. Occasionally, TCs have multiple concentric eyewalls (CEs). Storm size and precipitation region in TCs with CEs are wider than those of TCs with an eyewall. Long-lived CEs can keep the wider storm size and precipitation region for a long time. Thus, Understanding mechanisms that maintains the long-lived CEs is important for more accurate numerical prediction of TC size and precipitation. In this study, numerical experiments of TCs are performed using a non-hydrostatic model with full physics to elucidate the mechanisms that maintains the long-lived CEs. Two maintenance mechanisms based on the experiments are newly proposed:
1. Maintenance of CEs controlled by structure and dynamics of inner eyewall,
2. Maintenance of CEs controlled by structure and dynamics of outer eyewall.
Details of the proposed mechanisms are introduced in the seminar.
keywords: Tropical cyclone,Typhoon,Mesoscale meteorology,Non-hydrostatic model

language: Japanese

organizer: Yoshiyuki Takahashi