Seminar: CPS/WTK Seminar
date: 2017 December 22 (Fri) 16:00-
room: CPS Conference Room

speaker: Yoshihisa Matsuda (Professor Emeritus, Tokyo Gakugei University)
title: Basic concept of dynamic meteorology of Venus
abstract: We discuss how to treat various flows imbedded in the superrotation in the framework of dynamic meteorology.The conditions under which geostrophic relation is established in the coordinate system rotating with the superrotation are examined. Further, some comments are made on importance of downward propagation of waves, baroclinic instability and "cyclostrophic adjustment" in the Venus atmosphere.
keywords: Venus, dynamic meteorology, geostrophic relation, vertical propagation of wave, Taylor-Proudman's theorem

organizer: Yoshiyuki Hayashi