Seminar: CPS Seminar
date: 2017 March 28(Tue)16:00-17:30
room: CPS Seminar room
speaker: Brent Holben (NASA/GSFC/AERONET, General Manager(AGU fellow 2016))
organizer: Munetaka Ueno
title: AERONET's Development and Contributions through Two Decades of Aerosol Research
abstract: The name Brent Holben has been synonymous with AERONET since it's inception nearly two and a half decades ago. Like most scientific endeavors, progress relies on collaboration, persistence and the occasional good idea at the right time. And so it is with AERONET. I will use this opportunity to trace the history of AERONET's development and the scientific achievements that we, as a community, have developed and profited from in our research and understanding of aerosols, describe measurements from this simple instrument applied on a grand scale that created new research opportunities and most importantly acknowledge those that have been and continue to be key in AERONET contributions to aerosol science. Born from a need to remove atmospheric effects in remotely sensed data in the 1980's, molded at a confluence of ideas and shaped as a public domain database, the program has grown from a prototype instrument in 1992 designed to routinely monitor biomass burning aerosol optical depth to over 600 globally distributed sites providing near real-time aerosol properties for satellite validation, assimilation in models and access for numerous research projects. Although standardization and calibration are fundamental elements for scientific success, development for the scientific needs of the community drive new approaches for reprocessing archival data and making new measurements. I'll discuss these and glimpse into the future for AERONET.
Brent Holben
keywords: Aerosol, AERONET, Earth observations, remote sensing, data achievements and calibrations