Seminar: CPS Seminar
date: 2016 September 20 (Tue) 15:00-16:30
room: CPS Conference Room
speaker: Kevin Hamilton (U. Hawaii・Professor)
organizer: Yoshiyuki Takahashi
title: Modeling Microclimates and Projecting Climate Change in Hawaii
abstract: Hawaii is located in a dominant trade wind meteorological regime. The trade wind regime covers a very significant fraction of the globe, but few people live in this zone. The densely populated Hawaiian islands are a notable exception. While Hawaii is known for its pleasant weather, climate variations and climate change can present significant challenges to the residents. Sea level rise, beach erosion and threats to coral health are all familiar issues for the State. On the terrestrial side as well there are significant concerns including impacts of droughts on fresh water resources and impacts of global warming on plant and wildlife habitat. In this talk I will present some results from an ongoing initiative to project future climate changes in Hawaii using very fine resolution regional models. The interaction of the large scale flow with the very steep and fine scale topography on the main Hawaiian islands presents particular challenges, and I will discuss the current state of our simulations and our plans for future work at IPRC.
keywords: atmosphere, modeling, microclimates, meteorology, Hawaii