Seminar: CPS Seminar
date: 2016 June 7 (Tue) 15:10-16:40
room: Kobe University Rokko Campus Faculty of Science Building 3,609 Seminar room
speaker: Tsuneyoshi Kamae (Emeritus Professor,University of Tokyo/Stanford University )
organizer: Munetaka Ueno
title: An Effort to Catch-up in Modern ICT Use in Japanese University Education with Jupyter Notebook
abstract: Education in Information technology has long been misrepresented as teaching of programming skill. On modern research and development fronts, new code development is regarded as cost-ineffective and risky and well-tested user-friendly software packages such as Python, Matlab, Maple, and R are preferred.
I focus on Jupyter Notebook which enable to use almost all script languages interactively and demonstrate faceRecognition, computation in physics, and analysis of the gravitational wave detected by LIGO.
keywords: Informatics. Education in Information Analyses, Computer Education, Science Education