date: 2012 December 5 (Wed) 15:00-16:00
room: CPS Conference Room
speaker: Tomohiko Sekiguchi (Hokkaido University of Education)
organizer: Ayako Suzuki
title: Thermal infrared observations of minor bodies in the outer solar system
abstract: Thermal infrared/radio observations of minor bodies in the solar system is summarized.
Dwarf planet, Eris is larger than the Pluto. However, the uncertainty of the size measurements is not small. We here, report on the limit of the angular resolution of direct imaging with HST, and the size determination method by the analysis of thermal radiation from the minor bodies.
Mid-IR observations of Itokawa using the ESO 3.6m telescope in Chile is given on the topic of this talk comparing with the direct measurements by Hayabusa. Next, the results of mid/far-IR observations with the AKARI satellite are shown. Finally, the future studies on unusual asteroids whose orbits are resemble to be long period comets from the Oort cloud is discussed.
keywords: asteroids, comets, minor bodies, thermal infrared observations, radio observations, mid-IR, far-IR, AKARI, dwarf planet, Eris, size determination method, Oort cloud