date: 2012 July 25 (Wed) 15:00-16:00
room: Hokkaido University, Science Bldg. #8, Cosmo-studio
speaker: Gu Pin-Gao (Academia Sinica Institute of Astronomy and Astrophysics)
organizer: Takayuki Tanigawa
title: Dusts in an eccentric protoplanetary disk with an embedded massive planet
abstract: Dusts are the build blocks of planets. The presence of a cavity in protoplanetary disks revealed by dust continuum emissions in sometimes postulated as a signpost of an embedded gas giant planet. In this talk, I shall focus on an eccentric protoplanetary disk perturbed by a massive planet. The physics of eccentric disks will be briefly reviewed, followed by our theoretical study on dust spatial distributions in such planet-disk systems.
keywords: dust, protoplanetary disk, exoplanet