date: 2012 June 6 (Wed) 15:00-16:00
room: Hokkaido University, Science Bldg. #8, Cosmo-studio
speaker: Koji Nakau (Hokkaido University)
organizer: Jun Kimura
title: Satellite Observation for Wildfire and applications
abstract: Wildfire emits CO2 as much as 1/4 to 1/2 of GHG emission by fuel combustion. For innegligible portion of wildfires are ignited by human, wildfire is important in terms of climate change as well as natural disaster. Although wildfire burns several km2 in maximum in Japan, several wildfires burn more than 1000km2 (corresponds to Tokyo metropolitan area) almost every year in Alaska. Because it is difficult to fight against strong wildfire, it is important to extinguish wildfire in early stage. To achieve such an efficient firefighting, a system to early detection and notification system for wildfire is needed. Therefore, author developed an improved wildfire detection algorithm and SMS notification system for wildfire information.
keywords: Wildfire, Satellite observation, Carbon management, Disaster management