date: 2012 May 14 (Mon) 16:00-17:00
room: Kobe University, Science and Technology Research Building #3-609
speaker: Horst Uwe Keller (Braunschweig University)
organizer: Akiko Nakamura
title: Dawn at Vesta
abstract: The Dawn Mission arrived at its first target and currently orbits 4 Vesta. The images corroborate the existence of an impact structure at the south pole, big enough to excavate and eject the Vestoids (Vesta Family). Spectrophotometry of the surface confirms the compositional relation to the HED (Howardites-Eurcrites-Diogenite) meteorites.
Measurements of the higher moments of the gravitational field reveal the formation of a substantial iron core. The findings are consistent with Vesta's accretion into a differentiated protoplanet at the beginning of the solar system formation (HED age determination).
keywords: Dawn, Vesta, HED