date: 2012 March 28 (Wed) 15:00-16:00
room: CPS Conference Room
speaker: Tomoki Nakamura (Tohoku University)
organizer: Hiroshi Kimura
title: MET00432: A saponite-rich highly-altered new type of carbonaceous chondrites
abstract: CM carbonaceous chondrites exhibit a variety of mineralogy depending on the degrees of aqueous alteration and thermal metamorphism [e.g., Zolensky et al., 1993]. However, mamy phyllosilicate-rich CMs have mineralogical signatures in common: matrix hydrous phases are serpentine, cronstedtite, and tochilinite, dominant carbonates are calcite and dolomite, and magnetite is not abundant. As a course of analysis of more than 40 CM samples, we found MET00432 CM chondrite with a unique mineralogy that set it apart from typical phyllosilicate-rich CM chondrites.
keywords: D type asteroids, new type of carbonaceous chondrites