date: 2012 March 13 (Tue) 14:00-
room: CPS Conference Room
speaker: Shozo Yamane (Doshisha University)
organizer: Yoshiyuki O. Takahashi
title: Basic concepts of data assimilation
abstract: Data assimilation is a technique to produce more accurate estimates of system states by statistically combining their observations and numerical simulations.
The data assimilation is used for creating the initial conditions in numerical weather prediction and the historical reanalyses of the Earth's atmosphere. There are some methods for the data assimilation, such as optimum interpolation method, 3D-Var, 4D-Var, and ensemble Kalman filter.
I introduce the basic concepts of the data assimilation, which are common in these methods, and show some examples of data assimilation with a simple numerical model.
keywords: atmosphere, data assimilation, numerical model