date: 2011 November 16 (Wed) 15:45-16:30
room: CPS Conference Room
speaker: Franck Selsis (Laboratory of Astrophysics of Bordeaux / University of Bordeaux)
organizer: Yuri Aikawa
title: Exoplanet atmospheres: from hot to habitable worlds
abstract: Current observational techniques allow us to detect a broad variety of extrasolar planets. In some cases we can measure properties such as the planetary radius, mass and temperature and constrain the structure, molecular composition and dynamics of their atmospheres. The diversity of observed exoplanets is extraordinary in terms of planetary system architectures, physical conditions and chemical compositions. I will present several striking cases that illustrate this diversity.
At two extremes of the known sample of exoplanets are hot gas giants, whose atmospheres constitute a puzzle for both physicists and chemists, and potentially "habitable" worlds which, despite very exotic properties, could host liquid water. I will focus on these two types of atmospheres and show that their modeling is a challenging but extremely rich subject. I will then discuss the prospects for the next step of exoplanet characterization.