date: 2011 October 19 (Wed) 16:00-17:00
room: CPS Conference Room
speaker: Keiji Kimura (Kyoto University)
organizer: Yoshi-Yuki Hayashi
title: A One-Fluid MHD Model with Electron Inertia
abstract: We consider the Inertial MHD model which includes the electron inertia term in the generalized Ohm's law. We first investigate this model in terms of energy conservation and find that the additional term in the momentum equation, which is often neglected, is important to conserve the total energy. We attempt to modify the Grad-Shafranov equation with this additional term, which describe the stationary state in torus. I study this model with Professor Philip J. Morrison (The University of Texas at Austin) in Geophysical Fluid Dynamics Program 2011 at Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution. The main topic of this program is "Shear Turbulence: Onset and Structure" this year. I will also talk about the lectures and talks in this program.
keywords: Inertial MHD model, energy conservation, Grad-Shafranov equation