date: 2011 September 14 (Wed) 15:00-16:00
room: CPS Conference Room
speaker: Carsten Güttler (Kobe University)
organizer: Hiroshi Kimura
title: A Growth Model for Protoplanetary Dust Aggregates Based on Laboratory Experiments
abstract: The first stage of planet formation - the coagulation of small grains and dust aggregates - is so far only sparsely understood. The conditions under which two colliding aggregates stick to each other, bounce off, or even fragment is still not clear but essential to understand their evolution in time. I will present experimental results, which show the outcomes of various collisions tested with protoplanetary dust analogs in the laboratory. In a second step, I will present a model, which is based on these experimental results, extrapolations of these, and simple physical models. This was implemented into a Monte Carlo growth simulation to show how the growth proceeds in a protoplanetary disk, but also, which experiments are of importance in the near future. Some of these experiments have already been performed and analyzed and will be presented as a next step to improve our model.
keywords: dust, coagulation, collisions, planetesimal formation