date: 2011 September 7 (Wed) 15:00-16:00
room: CPS Conference Room
speaker: Arika Higuchi (Tokyo Institute of Technology)
organizer: Hiroshi Kimura
title: The Oort cloud and long-period comets
abstract: It is accepted that the orbital distribution of long-period comets coming from the Oort cloud is isotropic. That leads to the isotropic and spherical structure of the Oort cloud. However, the formation theory of the Oort cloud from the protoplanetary disk indicates the non-isotropic distribution of the long-period comets. We process the “Catalogue of Cometary Orbits 2005” so that we can compare the observation to the theory and reproduce the Oort cloud structure.
keywords: Oort cloud, long-period comets, the Galactic tide, stellar encounters