date: 2011 February 23 (Wed) 16:15-17:15
room: Kobe University, Science and Technology Research Building #4-809
speaker: Miyuki Yamada (Hokkaido University)
organizer: Ayako Suzuki
title: The Planets Shakespeare: Story Visualization for Literary Works
abstract: Visualization of story in literary works has been examined. World famous plays by William Shakespeare (1564-1616) have been chosen to demonstrate how the visualization scheme works in grasping the scenario. The scheme employs combination of keyword detection and ellipsoidal differential equations to create a visual imagery of the story. This methodology ensures uniqueness in the visualization of an individual work. In additional colour-bar scales obtained from pictures relevant to the story are applied to enrich the consistency between visual sense and the meaning of the story. We will show the planets Shakespeare of love, death etc.