date: 2011 February 16 (Wed) 16:00-17:00
room: Kobe University, Science and Technology Research Building #4-809
speaker: Hikaru Yabuta (Osaka University)
organizer: Hiroshi Kimura
title: Astrobiology and Organics in Small Primitive Bodies
abstract: The solar system and its primitive materials including meteorites, comets, and these-derived cosmic dusts which are the source materials of our earth, are known to be formed 4.6 billion years ago by accretion of gas and dusts in interstellar cloud. The interstellar dusts are about ten micron-sized solid particles whose model consists of silicate mineral core, refractory organics, and amorphous ice mantle. Therefore organic molecules in space can be described as one of the major building blocks of our Planets and Life.
In this seminar, I would like to review;
* The 40-year footstep of the study of organic compounds in meteorites
* Variation of molecular and isotopic compositions of organic matter within and between chondrite classes (including enatiomeric ratios of amino acids), and
* Application of the state-of-art x ray absorption micro-spectroscopy to organic analyses of comet dust particles
in order to share with you the future concept of study of organic compounds in space, toward Japanese asteroid sample-return missions.