date: 2011 January 19 (Wed) 10:50-11:50
room: Kobe University, Science and Technology Research Building #4-809
speaker: Christian Adam (Friedrich Schiller University)
organizer: Takayuki Tanigawa
title: Multiplicity-study of nearby B-Stars using near-infrared data from ESO-VLT Archive
abstract: Massive stars play an important role in the evolution and formation of stars and planets. Nethertheless, the understanding of the evolution and the formation of massive stars is still sketchy. Especially the observed high frequency of massive multiple systems raises the question, how do such systems form, and which mechanism is used. In my talk, i will present the results of my diploma thesis, where i investigated the multiplicity of B-type stars within 1 kpc, using ESO-VLT Archive data. Furthermore, i will present how i obtained my results, and give a short estimation on the expected frequency of all B-type stars.