date: 2008 Nov 26(Wed) 16:30 - 17:30
room: Kobe University, Shizen Bldg. #3, room 609
speaker: Dr. Chris Packham (University of Florida)
title: The Gemini Observatory, Current Status, The Future and Synergies
abstract: It is almost a decade since the current set of 8m-class telescopes saw first light, and the observatories are now achieving a level of maturity in their instrument suites and scientific output. The Gemini Observatory and Subaru Telescope have several ongoing research activities across the facilities, including an exchange of observing time on our three 8-m telescopes, leading to an increasing level of synergy. In May 2009 a joint Subaru-Gemini conference will be held in Kyoto with the goals to better understand the science and instrument paths of the observatories, and to explore areas of collaborations. I present the current and future instrument suite of Gemini and science highlights, and encourage discussion of the possible future collaborations between the observatories.