International Venus Conference 2019

The 74th Fujihara Seminar

May 31 - June 3, 2019 @ Niseko, Hokkaido, Japan

Participant Guide


From New Chitose Airport (CTS) (located in the city of Chitose near Sapporo) to Hilton Niseko Village Hotel.

  • Charter bus: We will charter a bus from the New Chitose Airport to the hotel in the evening of May 30 and in the morning of May 31 free of charge for conference participants (reservation required: reservations are accepted from the conference registration page). The bus is scheduled to leave at 8:00 pm on May 30 and 9:00 am on May 31 from the New Chitose Airport. For those using the conference bus, please be in front of the "Hokkaido Tour Desk" counter in the Domestic Terminal 1F Arrival Lobby no later than fifteen minutes before the scheduled departure time. See the map below for details.

    pdf Bus Meeting Point (PDF, 222KB) 

    In the event you miss the May 30 evening bus, the last train that enables you to reach Kutchan Station leaves at 20:45 from JR New Chitose Station (see "Train" and timetable info below). You will have to change trains twice (at Sapporo and Otaru) before arriving at Kutchan Station. If you miss the 20:45 train, the remaining options are taxi (about 35,000 - 40,000 JPY from the airport to Niseko Hilton) or finding a hotel near the airport or in Sapporo and using the May 31 morning bus or train. Please contact the LOC if you have any difficulty on arrival.
  • Train: Access to the hotel by train is an option for those who prefer not to wait for the May 30 evening bus. We recommend taking the train to JR Kutchan Station (not to Niseko Station as there are a lack of taxis available). From Kutchan Station, the hotel will be operating a free shuttle bus service to the hotel coinciding with the train's arrival/departure times at Kutchan. See the time tabel below for details.

    If the shuttle bus is not available when you arrive at Kutchan Station, there is a taxi company next to the station and a taxi pickup spot at the hotel in front of the station neither of which require a reservation regardless of the time of day. The station staff will assist you in arranging a taxi.
  • The hotel shuttle bus: The Niseko Village Airport Express Bus, 4,000 JPY, will also be available upon reservation <> no later than four days prior to the date of use. See below for the Niseko Village Airport Express Bus time table. In May, there is only one operation, leaving New Chitose Airport at 13:00. In June, there are four.

From Hilton Niseko Village Hotel to New Chitose Airport.

  • Charter bus: We will charter a bus (free of charge for conference participants) to the airport on June 4 departing the hotel at 10:00 am. Travel time to the airport is roughly 2.5-3 hours. Details on the meeting place and time for the charter bus departing the hotel will be available in mid-May. For participants who's flights leave early on June 4 from New Chitose Airport, we recommend you take a taxi to JR Kutchan Station (30 min./roughly 5,000 JPY) and then use the train from Kutchan to New Chitose Airport. Train fares and timetable can be confirmed at the [JR Train Timetable] link below.

  • Train (especially for early flights): For participants who's flights leave early on June 4 from New Chitose Airport, we recommend you take a taxi to JR Kutchan Station (30 min./roughly 5,000 JPY) and then use the train from Kutchan to New Chitose Airport. Train fares and timetable can be confirmed at the [JR Train Timetable] link below.

  • The hotel shuttle bus: The Niseko Village Airport Express Bus, 4,000 JPY, will also be available upon reservation <> no later than four days prior to the date of use. See below for the Niseko Village Airport Express Bus time table.

Additional Access Information

Excursion (June 2 afternoon, free, reservation required)

Please see the excursion plan pamphlet (PDF, 25MB) details for more information:

We will charter a bus to Goshiki Onsen (five-colored hot spring) with several stops,
where you have a variety of options:

  • Niseko Village Activities in Nature "Pure": Rail Slider, Tree Trekking etc.
  • Hiking a nature trail from Goshiki Onsen to the summit of Mt. Annupuri (round trip approx. 4 hours)
    Note the gondola is not in operation at this season of year.
  • Enjoying hot springs (There are some hot springs around Hilton Niseko Village.)
  • Please note onsens (hot springs in Japan) do not allow bathing suits.
    For example,
    Goshiki Onsen
    Kanro no Mori
  • Hiking the nature trails around Shinsennuma Lake (to Onuma or Naganuma Lakes)

!!!!! If you want to go on a hike, please make sure to take your walking (ideally, hiking) shoes, rain wear, and outfit for cold weather. There is still a bit of snow. !!!!!

Mt. Annupuri has ski resorts on its southern slope, which include Niseko Village (where the Hilton Hotel venue is situated). Goshiki Onsen is on the western side of Mt. Annupuri, and it is separated from the ski resorts. Goshiki Onsen has authentic hot springs with a variety of colors (see, the web site is in Japanese but pictures are available). The hiking route to the summit of Mt. Annupuri starts from Goshiki Onsen.

Accommodation (Hilton Niseko Village Hotel)

As a rule, it is assumed that all participants will stay at the venue, Hilton Niseko Village Hotel. This is accordance with the policy of the Fujihara Seminar to promote academic collaboration among scientists through face-to-face discussion.

Room rates

  • Single use: 10,300 JPY per night
  • Shared (by two): 8,000 JPY per night per person
  • Shared (by three): 7,000 JPY per night per person

Room rates include tax, service charges, wireless internet and buffet breakfast.

Discounted room rates have been negotiated with the hotel for a period of 6 nights (IN: 30 May, OUT: 5 June). If your stay is within this period, to be eligible for the discount rate, your hotel reservation should be made via the Conference registration site (NOT directly with the hotel).The registration site is for booking only. Attendees are asked to make hotel payment directly to the hotel on check out.

Additional stays: If you require additional night(s) before and/or after this period, please contact the Secretariat at <>.

Room sharing: If you are sharing a room with other conference attendees, your planned roommate's CPS user number will be required at the time of online registration. Please confirm this information before registering. The LOC will make room sharing selections if not specified at the time of registration.

For smokers: If you require a smoking room, please indicate so on your registration page. However, as the majority of the conference hotel rooms are designated non-smoking, we are sorry but it may not be possible to meet all requests.

Lunch and dinner

Lunch during the conference (May. 31 - June 3), the conference welcome dinner on the evening of May. 31, and the conference banquet on June 3 are provided at the hotel free of charge for participants.

Accompanying Person Attendance and Registration

Accompanying persons who are planning to join some of lunches and dinners

  • May 31 Welcome Dinner
  • June 3 Banquet
  • May 31 - June 3 Lunches
  • May 31 - June 3 coffee breaks

are asked to complete participation registartion separately. The registration fee is the same 30,000 JPY. Please also note, a 100% cancellation fee will apply after May 11.

Accompanying persons are welcome to take the shuttle buses and the excursion transportation without any charge.

  • May 30/31 shuttle bus (New Chitose Airport - Niseko)
  • June 2 excursion
  • June 4 shuttle bus (Niseko - New Chitose Airport)

The reservations for your accompanying persons without participation registration can be added to your online registration by selecting the number of people.

CPS server account registration

You have to obtain CPS user number to go through "Abstract Submission" and participant "Registration". The entry is placed at the registration page.


  • Student fee: 5,000 JPY
    (Applicable to full participation registered by Mar. 11 (Mon.) 23:59 JST.)
  • Regular registration fee: 30,000 JPY
The Student category is set not just for early registrations but is arranged in accordance with one of the goals of the Fujihara seminar to stimulate young scientists of the field. As such, the Student fee is restricted to participation over the whole period of the Conference (May 31 - June 3). If you prefer partial participation, please select the regular registration category.


Registration opens on December 4. Payment of registration fees should be made by credit card at the time of registration. Payment by bank transfer is accepted from domestic banks (within Japan) only. Your hotel accommodation fee should be paid directly to the hotel on site when you check out.

Cancellations and Refunds

To cancel a completed registration, please contact the Secretariat before May 10 (Mon.) at <>.
Cancellation fees do not apply to cancellations made on or before May 10 (Mon.).

Refunds will not be provided on cancellation requests made on of after May 11 (Tue.).

Abstract submission

fees not required for abstract submission

Travel Support

Thanks to the Fujihara Foundation and also JpGU, we have a budget to support travel.
The amount, however is now quite limited because of the cancellatoin of IVC 2018 due to the earthquake. As such, we need to use it efficiently.

Travel support is limited to presenters who submit abstracts during the regular submission period until Feb. 25 (you can apply for travel support when you submit an abstract) and will participate the conference for full four days.

The SOC of the Conference will select participants to support based on a scientific evaluation of the abstract and necessity. We will allocate some portion of the budget to supporting early career scientists. If you are a student or a post-doc, do not forget to provide your job/student status when you obtain a (or renew your) CPS account, which is required to log-in to the abstract submission system.

The entry of applying travel support is located in the abstract submission page. Please estimate your support request at the lowest possible fee - not exceeding the cost of your return flight + 60,000 JPY for accommodation and incidentals to a maximum of 300,000 JPY.

All participants (whether supported or not) need to pay the registration fee, 30,000 yen. The student registration fee is 5,000 yen. The Fujihara Foundation supports two dinners (banquet & reception) and lunch over the entire conference period for all participants. Therefore, you may not require a significant daily allowance. Also, a portion of ground transportation is supported (bus from the New Chitose Airport on May 30 or 31, and from Niseko to New Chitose Airport on June 4). If available, participation on partial support from your own grant is welcomed.