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24 - 29 June 2012


Seapal Suma, a casual seaside resort located in the west part of Kobe, Japan

Address: 1-1-1 Sumaura-dori, Suma, Kobe 654-0055 Japan
Phone: +81 78 731 6815 / Fax: +81 78 734 1896

Japanese site:
English Site:

Objective and Scope:

The objective of the school is to promote education and research in planetary sciences for highly motivated graduate students and young researchers by providing them with an opportunity to interact with leading scientists in a specific field. Note that the term "Planetary Sciences" is used in a broader sense to include astronomy, astrophysics, astrochemistry, astrobiology, astromineralogy, geosciences, space science, cosmology, and other related fields.

Topic of the coming school

Across the Earth into Exoplanets

Recent wonderful discovery of exoplanets requires us to rethink the earth and generalize our understandings of the planet. For the sake of doing so, we should first absorb up-to-date knowledge about the structure of the earth from the deep interior to the surface and dynamics producing various geological and geophysical phenomena. We could then apply the knowledge to various conditions of planets such as the early earth, the other planets in the solar system, and exoplanets. This application enables us to better understand the coevolution of a solid planet's interior and its surface in terms of a search for a habitable exoplanet.


Internationally well-established experts in various fields will review recent progress in our understandings of those fields. A final program with lecturers is listed below


Sunday 24 June

1500-1800 Registration
1800-2100 Opening Reception
1900-2030 Dinner

Monday 25 June

0730-0845 Breakfast
Opening Keynote: Yoshitsugu Nakagawa (CPS, Japan)
0900-1015, 1045-1200
Lecture I: David J. Stevenson (California institute of Technology, USA)
Theoretical overview of structure and dynamics of the Earth: its particularity and universality
1230-1330 Lunch
1400-1515, 1545-1700
Lecture II: Taku Tsuchiya (Ehime Univ., Japan)
High pressure physics of the Earth and beyond
1800-1900 Dinner
1900-2100 Poster session 1 with short talks (Poster presenter who allotted an odd number)

Tuesday 26 June

0730-0900 Breakfast
0900-1015, 1045-1200
Lecture III: Shun-ichiro Karato (Yale Univ., USA)
Earth mantle dynamics from planetary perspective
1230-1330 Lunch
1400-1515, 1545-1700
Lecture IV: Philippe Lognonné (Institut de Physique du Globe de Paris, France)
Planetary seismology and geophysics
1800-1900 Dinner
1900-2100 Poster session 2 with short talks (Poster presenter who allotted an even number)

Wednesday 27 June

0730-0900 Breakfast
0900-1015, 1045-1200
Lecture V: Francis Nimmo (Univ. of Santa Cruz, USA)
Evolution of rocky and icy planets in the solar system
1230-1330 Lunch
1330-1800 Excursion

Thursday 28 June

0730-0900 Breakfast
0900-1015, 1045-1200
Lecture VI: Yasuhito Sekine (The Univ. of Tokyo, Japan)
Coupled evolution of the interior and surface environment of the Earth and planets
1230-1330 Lunch
1400-1515, 1545-1700
Lecture VII: Diana Valencia (Massachusetts Institute of Technology)
Earth-like exoplanets: predictions and observations
1800-2100 Banquet

Friday 29 June

0730-0900 Breakfast
End of the school


- Abstract for all lectures and poster presentations is now ready to download at

Short Talk and Poster Presentation:

- Participants who put up a poster will be given 1-minute each for a short oral presentation of the poster (without discussion time) at the beginning of poster sessions (25-26 June).

- Please prepare 1-page slide (pdf file) for this talk and upload it. Go to the CPS Web page, where you have uploaded your abstract, then click "edit", a pencil-like icon, and replace your abstract with your 1-page slide (Please do not change "Basic/Author/Institution Information"). The deadline for slide uploading is 6 June.
Unless you upload your slide by 6 June, your abstract file will be projected on the screen during your 1-minute talk.

- All posters will be on display from Sunday (24 June) to Thursday (28 June).

- The size of a poster should not exceed 900 mm W x 2100 mm H.

Registration Fee For All Participants and Lecturers:

10,000 JPY is to be paid by CASH ONLY. Please pay at the registration desk upon arrival.



- 4 persons share one traditional Japanese-style tatami room

- The room has a toilet but no bathtub and shower

- An ocean-view public bath located at the top floor is available until 23:00 daily


- Western style twin rooms with a shower are reserved for single use

- Please let us know should you prefer to stay in a Japanese-style room

Rates per person in Japanese Yen

Standard, 4 in 1 room Single Use
47,000 62,000*
*Reserved for Lecturers

- The rate includes 13 meals during your stay in Seapal Suma

- Please make a payment at the hotel front desk upon arrival

- Payment can be made by cash or credit cards (visa, master, amex, diners, and JCB)


- Half-day excursion will be organized on Wednesday afternoon for all the participants as well as the lecturers to join.

- Note that the registration fee, 10,000 JPY, does not include any excursion expenses as well as the dinner on Wednesday.


in JPY
From to by mins fare

Kansai Int'l Airport Kobe, Sannomiya Bus 65-75 1,900
JR Sannomiya Sta Sumakaihinkoen JR Local train 15 170
Sumakaihinkoen Seapal Suma Walk 8 0
From to by mins fare

Kansai Int'l Airport Kobe Airport Ferry 30 1,500
Kobe Airport Seapal Suma Taxi 30 6,000*
*Note that taxi fare is subject to change due to traffic conditions
From to by mins fare

Kobe Airport Sannomiya Port Liner 18 320
JR Sannomiya Sta Sumakaihinkoen JR Local train 15 170
Sumakaihinkoen Seapal Suma Walk 8 0
From to by mins fare

Osaka Itami Airport Kobe, Sannomiya Bus 40 1,020
JR Sannomiya Sta Sumakaihinkoen JR Local train 15 170
Sumakaihinkoen Seapal Suma Walk 8 0

Hotel Free Shuttle Bus Service from Sumakaihinkoen Station leaves at 1200, 1215, 1230, 1245 on 24 June.

Electrical Adapter Plug And Electric Converter Information for participants joining from Overseas:

Fortunately, many portable devices today -- from computers to mobile phones -- come with power supplies that can be used in almost any part of the world. However, you may need a plug adaptor.
In Japan, we use a flat blade attachment plug.
Please make sure you bring along a correct adaptor, as we do not provide adaptors, neither the hotel does. As the school venue is located quite a distance from city area, there are no places you could buy adaptors or convertors.

Important Dates:

All deadline times are 23:59 Japanese Standard Time, UTC+9

07 February 2012 Travel Grant Application Deadline
15 February 2012 Registration Application Deadline
15 February 2012 Abstract Submission Deadline
29 February 2012 Result Notification
06 June 2012 Short Talk Slide File Upload Deadline
24-29 June 2012 CPS Int'l Sch. of Planet. Sci.
10 July 2012 Poster PDF File Upload Deadline

Organizing Committee:

Science Organizing Committee
 Kei Kurita* The University of Tokyo
 Yoshi-Yuki Hayashi CPS
 Masahiro Ikoma The University of Tokyo
 Jun Kimura CPS
 Naoki Kobayashi ISAS/JAXA
 Kiyoshi Kuramoto CPS/Hokkaido University
 Takashi Nakagawa JAMSTEC

Local Organizing Committee (*School chair, **Secretary)
 Kei Kurita* The University of Tokyo
 Yoshitsugu Nakagawa CPS
 Yoshi-Yuki Hayashi CPS
 Hiroshi Kimura CPS
 Ko-ichiro Sugiyama CPS
 Yoshiyuki O. Takahashi CPS
 Jun Kimura CPS
 Ayako Suzuki CPS
 Takayuki Tanigawa CPS
 Akiyoshi Nouda CPS
 Masanori Onishi CPS
 Asako M Sato** CPS
 Chieko Shishido** CPS
 Mizue Odo** CPS
 Mariko Hirano** CPS
 Mire Murakami** CPS
 Yukiko Tsutsumino** CPS
 Yukie Yabumoto** CPS

Contact us:

Center for Planetary Science


The school is sponsored by Center for Planetary Science (CPS) under the MEXT Global COE Program: "Foundation of International Center for Planetary Science", a joint project between Kobe University and Hokkaido University.


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