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Place; Awaji YUMEBUTAI International Conference Center, Hyogo, Japan
Date; September 12-19, 2004

This is the first Course of the series of "Kobe International School of Planetary Sciences" supported by the 21st Century Center Of Excellence Program (COE); "Origin and Evolution of Planetary Systems" (21COEPS) in Kobe University. The 21COEPS program aims to form an international center for the study of the origin and evolution of solar/extra-solar planetary systems. The center hopes to promote active international interaction, and to contribute to the education of graduate students and young researchers coming from all over the world and to help them establish themselves in their respective fields. On that purpose, the 21COEPS has decided to organize the series of the Kobe International School of Planetary Sciences.

The first Course is devoted to the topics of "Diversity of the Planets", where the origin and evolution of the varieties seen in the Planets, especially a comparative studies of Mars with the Earth will be addressed. In addition to the official lectures by the world-famous researchers, several seminars on the related subjects will be held by visiting scientists during a 5 days-course.

The 21COEPS would like to invite you to attend the Course and enjoy the atmosphere of the scientific activities through the lectures and discussions. Please send the application form to the LOC ( The scholarship, including the travel fare from/to your home institute and the lodging/meals fares during the Course, will be awarded to about 30 winners selected by the LOC.

We are looking forwards to seeing you in the Awaji island in September 2004. With best regards.

Nobukazu Seama (Chair of the LOC) and Tadashi Mukai (Chair of the 21COEPS)
LOC members: N.Seama, M.Yamanaka, Y.Nakagawa, S.Yokogawa, T.Takeuchi,
Y.Okada, G.L.Hashimoto, T.Mukai

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